Why is it called Shiplap?
Quite simply, it was used initially to waterproof ships.
Shiplap is a wood panelling with a groove cut top and bottom of each board, forming an overlap at each join, resulting in a tight seal. Proven effective against water and wind, Shiplap was eventually used as home siding.

Shiplap Timber Cladding:
Shiplap cladding is used widely to construct sheds, garages, garden buildings and gates. All our Shiplap cladding is pressure treated for long life.

Shiplap sheds are an excellent option for your garden storage and workshop needs since they balance affordability and quality.
Shiplap timber provides a clean finish which adds a touch of cladding class to any internal or external build.

Why do we use Shiplap?
For added strength, Shiplap timber is traditionally slowly grown before being cut into boards and dried to eliminate excess moisture and prevent warping or degradation.
As a result of its excellent quality and durability, sheds are frequently more expensive.
If properly cared for, you will have this shed for many years.
Shiplap sheds have an additional lip between the panels that weatherproofs the shed. The extra lip is a wind protection and prevents rain, snow, and ice from penetrating the shed and damaging your stored equipment.
You may use the shed all year round because it is now two times as waterproof and draughtproof. These sheds, though, offer protection from the elements as well. You may store your equipment confidently, knowing it is safe because of the extra lip and the interlocking nature of the shed’s joints, making it very difficult to pry open the panels.

Shiplap sheds are also very durable. They are frequently better built and thicker than other sheds. They are perfect for a garden workshop since they provide superior insulation and may be used year-round. A shiplap shed is an excellent way to keep you and your equipment warm and dry all year round since you don’t want to risk your item getting damp.

Shiplap wood is stunning, ecological, and easily adaptable to your needs. It is simple to paint over and design your own unique garden area.
Your garden will stand out if you paint your shed a pastel colour or lacquer it with wood stain. Your shed can be used for many different uses, such as building a dog kennel, keeping your bicycles safe, storing your wheelie bins and organising your tool collection.

Why should you purchase Shiplap Timber Shed?
When purchasing a shed, it’s crucial to consider other factors besides just the cost.
You want a solution that is safe from criminal activity and the weather conditions because what you put inside them is usually expensive. You can save money long-term by investing more in a higher-quality product.


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