Wheelie Bin with Recycling Storage Bay

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The Wheelie Bin Shed with Recycling Bay is the perfect fit for every property. Made from quality Shiplap timber which is all-weather lasting and as sturdy as they come. With additional options for paint or varnish, we can match both products to your garden or residential area. Each bin has separate hinged doors at the front, as well as separate lid access, and each door can be locked to prevent unwanted access. The side storage also comes with fitted shelving perfect to store bottles or to other garden objects.

For any questions regarding the combo offer please free to get in touch with our team who are on had to answer any of your questions.


The Wheelie Bin Storage Shed can be used when you wish to store two bins side by side. Each bin has separate hinged doors at the front, as well as separate lid access, and each door can be locked to prevent unwanted access.

Why purchase a Wheelie Bin Storage Shed with Recycling Bay?

From a family home to blocks of flats, to schools and businesses large and small, everyone uses wheelie bins. We all know how frustrating it can be to have our bins knocked over, or raided by wildlife or random neighborhood pets. Then there is the problem of the wind lifting the lid of a bin, creating a mess in your yard, or in the vicinity of your business. You work hard to create a pleasant, tidy environment for your home or business, and so you shouldn’t have to tuck your wheelie bins out of the way when they become old or unsightly, or over-full. Nor should you have to search for a brick or two to place on the lid of your bin to prevent it flying open in windy weather. Bin Sheds can work closely with you as we provide solutions to the problem of how best to protect and store your wheelie bins so that they are safe, secure, and pleasing to the eye.

Made right here in Ireland, Bin Sheds are manufactured from FSC-certified timber from sustainable sources. The wood is tested for strength and endurance, is moisture resistant, as well as resistant to insects and fungi. Our Wheelie Bin Storage is constructed in a slatted design to ensure airflow, which serves to maintain a constant temperature in and around the bins, as well as allow any unpleasant odours to quickly and easily disperse.

Depending on your needs, you may purchase your Bin Shed as a single unit for the single wheelie bin, a double unit for two wheelie bins, through to a triple wheelie bin storage unit, quad unit, up to a quint unit. Each unit from double to quint has separate secure spaces for each bin, and each bin can be accessed both from the front to allow the bin to be removed for emptying, and from the top when adding waste to the bin. Access gates are fitted with locks to prevent your bins from being stolen or interfered with.

Our Wheelie Bin Storage Sheds with Recycling Bay’s are attractive, coming in colors that blend in with the environment without drawing undue attention to them.

Wheelie Bin Storage Specs

Our Wheelie Bin Storage Sheds are designed to store either 180L or 240L bins. Bin Sheds can be customized to store 360L bins. Please contact us should you require a customized model. If the back of the Bin Shed is to be visible a back panel can be added via the above steps to fit your particular choice of Bin Shed.

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